my struggle and that of others, I think


There are a lot of people that struggle with their body and their weight. So do I. My weight and eating pattern changes properly during a year.

To represent this, I designed 12 plates based on my eating pattern and my weight during a year.


One plate for every month. They show how I feel, how I look and what I eat in that specific month.

The thickness of the plate shows how fat I am and the grey line on the edge of the plate shows how fat I feel, in that month. The hole in the plate shows how much I approximately eat per meal. Because of the hole there is less surface of plate, causing that I can eat less. De shape of the hole is based on a chart of my weight (in kg) during a year.


The plates serve as a sort of support, so you can not eat a lot, but at the same time it functions as a confrontation. With all plates together, you can clearly see the abrupt di erences and the struggle I have with my weight.




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