Nowadays, we live in a fast society. Everything must take place as quickly as possible, preferably all at the same time. With such a busy lifestyle, time is valuable. This can also be seen in the demand for convenience of the eating consumer: a(n) (unhealthy) quick bite is often had to save as much time as possible. There is not always time to prepare a healthy meal or to eat together at the dining table.

Many households spend little time to eat together and to prepare a good meal. As a result, social contact within a household has decreased, because dinners are often the only moments of the day that the household is together. Although social contact is a very important need, it is often put aside because of full agendas. Eating is considered a task of the day, instead of a moment together. In my opinion, eating should be a moment of rest; a break in the tight schedules. A moment where you can enjoy a freshly prepared meal together with your loved ones. A moment where you pay attention to each other. A moment of intimacy and comfort.


People need friendship and love, which is something eating together can reinforce. To bring people closer together, I have reinforced the social aspect of eating by designing a new way of eating. This is visualised in a three-piece ceramic set. This set works like a puzzle, in which the key words 'together', 'attention' and ‘sharing' take center stage. The group has to work together to be able to consume the food.

The set is stacked when presented, after which the set can be disassembled to discover the different parts together. For example, some parts are convex, meaning that they cannot stand on their own, so a solution needs to be found. Because not everyone will always have a free hand, they have to help each other.

Because the participants have to share parts of the set and (possibly) the food, eating becomes a new experience. The focus is no longer on filling the stomach, but on social contact. You will need each other to consume the food, which makes eating a social experience and thus a moment of rest instead of a task of the day.

This ceramic set resembles a new way of eating that reinforces its social aspect by working together and sharing. Eating becomes a more intimate and experimental experience; a nice moment of rest between the full agendas.




Publication via Creators VICE, Witte Rook




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