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2017 - THE FISH

Overcoming my own fear


I am quite afraid of fish and actually do not like anything edible that comes out of the water. Since I would like to go further in food design, it is not very handy if I do not like something that is so general. Being afraid is also not an option in the design world and people often find me a poseur when it comes to fish. I was sick of it and decided to do something about it.


I wanted to investigate whether I could learn to eat fish and therefore investigated where my fear came from. On the basis of this I designed ways in which I might like fish and overcome my fear. I believed that only I knew where my boundaries are and what I could do to overcome these, since it are my personal boundaries and fears.

For example, I threw myself in the deep end by going to a (i.a.) sushi restaurant, I got to know the fish as an animal better, I made fish dishes with others, I went fishing, I ate fish in the dark without being aware of eating it, I sold home-made fish dishes at school, prepared fish in every possible way and filleted three whole fish.



I have translated the entire process of this project into a book, titled ‘echt waar’ (true story). In this book the word ‘fish’ is not mentioned until the last page. I mainly talk about my fears and my goals, but not about the subject. In this way I tried to bring tension to the story and put the focus on the fear, instead of on the fish.


It was a very long process, at which after every designed way a new one arose. By continuing to experiment I found out what worked for me and what did not. In this way, I took small steps to solve my own problem. This is therefore a project that will not finish in the coming period. There is progress, but I am still far from where I want to be. Steps are still being taken carefully.




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